How to Thoroughly Enjoy a Helicopter Pleasure Ride

By DerrickCalvert

A helicopter pleasure ride is one of the only ways you can have a bird’s eye view experience of the city of your choice. Usually that means seeing that city like most people won’t ever get the chance to and depending on the location you choose, the experience can be one of a life time.

Understandably, you may want to document this experience and keep these memories with you for as long as possible. Most helicopter tour service providers will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible with most of the things you need, but bringing the following items will ensure that your helicopter ride is without any problems.

  1. Don’t forget to Bring Your Identification

To make sure the ride doesn’t end before it even begins, ensure that on the day you have your identification documents with you. This ensures that check in will be smooth. If you have children with you, ensure that the helicopter company is aware that you are bringing children, although if they are not they may not be allowed to board.

  1. Have the Proper Attire

To be comfortable on the day, it is important that you are dressed appropriately. Begin by dressing appropriately for the season. The last thing you need is to be too warm and uncomfortable when you should be enjoying the scenery. If it is summer loosely fitting clothing is probably a good idea and so is sunscreen and sunglasses as you are likely to be affected by proximity to the sun. In the winter, choose clothes that will keep you adequately warm. Keep lose hair pulled back and avoid wearing loose jewelry.

  1. Bring a Camera

It may sound obvious but most people will see the ideal scenery only to wish they could have captured the moment for posterity. If you are going on any sightseeing trip, bring a still or video camera. Your phone may work if it has a great camera. But if you are planning on using your phone, make sure that it is fully charged before leaving your home or hotel.

  1. Check the Guidelines

Many helicopter operators will often provide you with guidelines on the items you can bring with you on the helicopter. There is usually a weight limit so ensure that you are clear on what those are to avoid unnecessary delays during checking. The things you can bring will depend on how long the trip is. If you are just taking a trip around a city, no more than 30 minutes, you will not need too many things.

Helicopter tours are indeed a wonderful experience; a once in a life time chance that you should take full advantage of. Choosing the right company is paramount to the level of enjoyment you can expect. A reputable company like Pennine Helicopters has the right systems in place to give you the most wonderful helicopter your experience you can ever have regardless of location you want to visit.

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