Do Kissreborn Baby Dolls Offer Solace for Grieving Parents?

By DerrickCalvert

It is obvious that having a baby is one of the most memorable and defining moments in a parent’s life. One thing is certain, however: not all pregnancies end in happy times. Recent statistics show that close to 15% of pregnant women won’t be holding their baby in their arms. It is largely due to miscarriages which can be devastating and leave both parents with untold grief.

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Unfortunately, we live in a world that is not well-informed. Most women who have miscarriages should quickly get their act together and continue living as though nothing has happened. Fathers and parents are often not allowed to heal from their losses. This is why the majority of parents end up smiling for society, but burying their emotions deep within.

What if these parents had a way to grieve and get closure, even if it was temporary?

  • Kissreborn dolls might be a good option for grieving parents.
  • A quality reborn doll made from silicone is basically a baby doll. This doll is made with artistic attributes to give it the appearance of a human baby.
  • The silicone material that is used in the making of the doll allows for easy washing and no damage.
  • Collector babies can basically do anything an infant can do, including change and feeding.
  • Reborn dolls can be a great gift for grieving parents. However, there is still some doubt about whether they are effective in the grief process.
  • One, reborn dolls are believed to have unmatched positive effects for grieving parents.
  • Others find the idea disturbing and consider collector parents mentally unstable.
  • It is important to understand the views of each side in order to fully grasp the scope of the bridge. Continue reading to learn more.

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What is the view of The Supporters?

  • It is important to note that there are many people who support reborn baby dolls, compared to those who oppose them.
  • Psychologists are one of the most important supporters. Although this group of supporters may not be equally divided on the issue, psychologists believe that reborn dolls can offer comfort to grieving parents.
  • Because the dolls can be used by mothers to channel their emotions, this is a good thing.
  • Numerous studies have also shown that mothers release oxytocin through cuddling and hugging. This hormone is essential in providing women with an emotional rush and improving their moods. These effects are most noticeable with real babies but reborn dolls can also have an impact.
  • Pro-reborn dolls psychiatrists also argue that dolls can be a good option for parents who are grieving the loss of a child, especially mothers, as it helps them to overcome the sadness.
  • However, psychiatrists recommend that parents and fathers in such situations use dolls only as transitional tools..

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What is the View of the Opponents?

  • Opponents of reborn dolls argue that because they are realistic, the grieving process is actually made longer.
  • This happens because mothers can get attached to reborn dolls, making it difficult for the grieving process to continue.
  • These dolls are not recommended by psychiatrists. They should be used as props for socializing and not made into real baby-like objects.

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