Reasons why you should bring your photographer with you for your travel wedding photography 

By DerrickCalvert

Couples these days are more adventurous and go for destination weddings rather than a plain local wedding. Following are some reasons why you should bring your photographer with your for your travel wedding photography.

  1. You can take with you the PERFECT photographer of your taste

Different photographers have different styles and perspectives of viewing a location. Bringing the photographer of your choice allows you to ditch the typical traditional style of a photographer you’ll get at the spot.

  1. Multi-day coverage

The photographer you take along is obliged to serve you till the wedding ends or even after that for your post wedding photoshoot or honeymoon photoshoot as per your contract, while the resort photographers may have other weddings to cover.

  1. Couple-photographer relationship

So this one is the most important reason of all. The resort photographer may only capture the obvious moments like the kiss, holding hands and the smiling faces but maybe miss out the tiny, not so obvious but more precious moments like your best friend’s mom who has always thought of you as your own daughter, having tears of joy in her eyes or your auncle who is more like your best pal and your secret keeper, giving a pat on your shoulder.

Above were some of the most important reasons you should pre book your photographer and bring them along for your travel wedding photography

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